Saturday, October 8, 2011

Chicken Fajita Soup

by Katie Larimore
1.5lb chicken breast
salt and pepper to taste
cilantro, a good handful for soup, and extra for top
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1/2 red onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, chopped (or as much as you want to taste)
1 jalapeno, minced (remove seeds if you don't want spicy, I leave them in)
2 14oz cans fire roasted tomatoes
chicken broth (only use as to thin soup to your liking, I use maybe a cup)
1 T cumin (more or less to taste)
1 T smoked paprika (more or less to taste)
1 T chili powder (more or less to taste)
Juice of one lime

Optional toppings:
avocado, chips, cheese, sour cream, green onions, etc

1) Season chicken breast with salt and pepper and grill, cut into bite sized chunks and set aside. If no grill available you can cut into chunks first and saute in pan with a little EVOO.
2) Heat large sauce pan with EVOO and place bell pepper, onion, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro, half of lime juice, cumin, paprika, and chili powder and saute until veggies begin to soften. Add chicken, tomatoes, broth and rest of lime juice, bring to a boil. Add more seasoning, if needed.
3) reduce heat and simmer at least 30 minutes so flavors can meld together
4) serve with desired toppings! (I like to layer chips and cheese on the bottom and top with soup, then sou cream and cilantro...yum!)

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