Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cake Pops by Cassie DuBois Hansen

Cake Pops

Cake Mix (I used strawberry) and eggs, water, and oil (whatever the recipe calls for

One small package of cook and serve pudding (I used vanilla)

One container of frosting (I used cream cheese)

Candy melts in the desired color


Pretzel sticks (optional)


1. Bake the cake as directed, only add the pudding mix in too (don't prepare the pudding mix, just throw the powder in).
2. When the cake is reasonably cooled, mix it in a stand mixer with half the frosting. Place in the refrigerator or several hours (longer if more convenient, I let it sit overnight sometimes).
3. Take the mix out of the refrigerator, form into shapes on a cookie sheet, and freeze (I usually freeze them for at least an hour).
4. Melt the candy melts according to package directions. Either using a toothpick or a cake pop stick, dip the balls in the candy melts, and place on wax paper to cool. * This can be tricky, gently tap the ball to get the extra coating to fall off, then place on the paper. If using a toothpick, I either try to gently shake the ball onto the paper (by wiggling it up and down about an inch or so above the paper) or I wait for it to dry completely and twist the toothpick out. While the coating is still wet you can decorate with any desired sprinkles.

*If making Christmas trees, shape the cake balls into cones and use pretzel sticks as the "trunks".

*For the mint chocolate chip flavor, use chocolate cake mix, chocolate/fudge frosting, and a bag of Andes mint pieces.

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